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Nowadays for a company it’s a must to have a website. Your company deserves to have a modern and fast site.

Are you ready to impress your visitors and convert them into customers?

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Do you have an idea about how your website should look? Maybe not? It doesn't matter: I help you to design your new website.


Website building

When your webdesign is ready and accepted by you thereafter comes the most exciting part: website building can start.


Website maintenance

Do you need a new page, you want to change your logo or need a new function? I don't leave you alone after your website is ready.

About me

Hi! I am Sándor Mádi – an economist in the field of commerce and marketing and have a master degree in the field of leadship and management.

I was always interested in helping others and solving problems. Until now I helped other through mathematics, statistics and basic informatics (I am a remedial teacher for university students who learn business mathematics and statistics).

But I felt like I wanna do something more creative. Creating a website was not strange for me as I already built my math website in 2016 ( I remember that it was nice to see how my imagination became reality and how little things came together and made something big.

In 2021 I started to dive deeper into website creation: I finished more online courses and built sites for many of my friends. Maybe the next will be You?! 🙂


How we work together?

1. Needs assessment

First you should fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Then you will get a confirmation email soon and I will contact you by phone within 2 working days (at an agreed time) to get to know your needs.

2. Offer

After our conversation within maximum 5 working days you will get an offer made after your needs.

3. Webdesign

In case you accept the offer our work will begin: I am going to make more webdesigns and present them to you.

4. Website building

After you choose your favourite webdesign I will start to build your website. During the building process I will contact you to show how your website looks like and you will have the opportunity to ask for changes. My mission is to see you satisfied with my work.

5. Handover and instructions

After I finish your website, I will handover everything and you will get some important instructions (such as how you can change a picture, modify short texts (like phone number) or how you can write blog posts in case you want to).

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In short: it depends on your needs. 🙂 It does matter if you need only a one-pager or a more complex site with many pages, even with blog. The communication between us is also an important factor: if I don’t need to wait days (or more worse weeks) for your reply then your site can be ready in about 2 weeks or a more complex one in 3-4 weeks. If you have high quality pictures or even text I can make your dream website faster.

It also depends on your needs – in case of a one-pager with only basic functions (like gallery, form) it costs a lot cheapen than one with more pages with blog or a booking system. For an offer go to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

Unfortunately I can’t help you to make videos or take pictures, but I can help you with some corrections (effects, remove background, add text or recolor).

Yes, I can. Copywriting should be a joint work as you are the professional in your field and know the most important technical terms and processes. My added value is to make your text and your company attractive to visitors so they will know that you can solve their problems.

Primarily I do webdesign and website creation but I can help you to make a simple logo.

The offer you got always includes a quarter year maintenance. It includes refreshinf plugins in order to make your website secure. It doesn’t include creating new content or modification on pages. I am ready to help you this way as well – you will get more information after you contact me.

That’s a good question. Let me modify it a little: what makes a website slow? For example if you use too big pictures, many (unnecessary) animations and hundreds of plugins. So generally WordPress-based websites are not slow only if they were built the wrong way. On the websites I make I only used optimizes pictures, only use the most important animations and as less plugins as possible.

Nowadays many of the page visitors are from mobile or tablet so it’s necessary to make your site mobile-friendly. All of my sites are responsive, in short: they look perfect on mobiles and on tablets as well.

Get an offer

This will happen after you click send:

  1. After press SEND button you will shortly receive a confirmation email.
  2. Within 2 working days I will call you at an agreed time to get to know your needs better.
  3. After our conversation within maximum 5 working days you will get an offer made after your needs.
  4. In case you accept the offer we will make a contract and our work will begin. 🙂